Two Happiest People at the Memorial Day Parade Identified: A Firefighter and the Woman He Proposed To

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An Air Force flyover wasn’t the only surprise at Darien’s Memorial Day Parade on Monday: Noroton firefighter Keith Bennett kneeled down on the Post Road near the end of the marching to propose to Marley Bykowski.

Reader, she’ll marry him.

Keith Bennett Marley Bykowski marriage proposal Noroton Fire Department Memorial Day Parade

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The future husband’s father is standing just behind him in this picture. (We direct the reader’s attention to the shock and awe on the faces of nearby spectators.)


Bennett, a Noroton Fire Department lieutenant who rides on Engine 32, was on the near the official grandstand, on a stretch of the Post Road between the Garden Center of Darien and Nielsen’s Florist when he broke ranks, got on one knee and popped the question to Bykowski.

Keith bennett Marley Bykowski proposal Memorial Day Parade

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Because one photo angle just won’t do: Keith Bennett proposes to Marley Bykowski.


Bennet’s father, Ron Bennet (also a firefighter in the department), looked on.

Bennett Bykowski marriage proposal

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Ring on finger: Mission completed.

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