Turn In Your Old Glories with Respect: Torn, Worn, Tattered Flags Can Be Dropped Off Thru June 14

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Starred and striped U.S. flags should not be used if they’re torn, too worn or tattered, and the federal U.S. Flag Code says they should be properly disposed of, not just tossed in the trash. There’s a way to do that in Darien right now, state Rep. Terrie Wood says.

Flag Dropoff Box 06-01-17

Old flags dropped off at the box in Darien Library in 2017. You have until June 14 to take them there or at two other locations in town.

“Following our Memorial Day observations and in anticipation of Flag Day, my office is offering a way for Norwalk and Darien residents to dispose of their worn or unserviceable American flags in a dignified and respectful way,” Wood said in a recent news release.

Darien VFW Post No. 6933 and Riverside Cemetery in Norwalk are offering the service together with Wood.

You can drop off flags, at no charge.

There are three primary drop-off locations in Darien and three in Norwalk. The flag-collection drive will conclude on Flag Day, Thursday, June 14.

Drop-off locations in Darien:
  • Darien Library
  • VFW 6933, 205 Noroton Ave.
  • Darien Town Hall, 2 Renshaw Road

There are also three drop-off locations in Norwalk:

  • Norwalk City Hall, 125 East Ave., Norwalk
  • Norwalk Main Library, 1 Belden Ave., Norwalk
  • South Norwalk Library, 10 Washington St., Norwalk
  • American Legion on 60 County St in Norwalk.  Flags can be dropped off in any condition throughout the year.

Wood encourages any constituents to contact her “if you have further questions on the flag drop-off, or any other inquiry related to state government. I can always be reached at Terrie.Wood@cga.ct.gov or by calling 860-240-8700.

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