Lifeguard by Eva Pace Waveny Pool

At Waveny Pool, Just North of Darien, New Canaan Welcomes Out-of-Towners

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In recent summers, more out-of-town families have been using New Canaan’s  Waveny Pool, just north of the Darien border in Waveny Park, and the town is welcoming them. In preparation for this year’s season, which once again saw an uptick in interest among new users, Waveny Pool concentrated on maintenance of the facility, according to New Canaan Recreation Director Steve Benko. (An employee at the New Canaan Recreation Department said registrations for the pool are part of a lottery, which is now over, and only 100 registrations for nonresidents go out.)

— This article previously was published by Both pool heaters are active and working, Benko said, the locker rooms have been entirely re-painted and wood re-stained. The town-owned and -operated facility’s strongest client base tends to be families, but they generally don’t think about buying passes until summer weather comes along, according to Benko.