Most Generous Town poster 2021

Darien Again Faces Ancient Rival New Canaan For the Coveted ‘Most Generous Town’ Title

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The week before Thanksgiving, Darien and New Canaan will face off once again to see which town can capture the title of “Most Generous Town” by raising the most funds for either The Community Fund of Darien or the New Canaan Community Foundation. — an announcement from The Community Fund of Darien

This year, the competition begins on Thursday, Nov. 18, and ends at midnight on Thanksgiving. Donors can contribute to The Community Fund of Darien by texting DARIEN to 203-871-0808 during this time window or by visiting the TCF website. The winning town will own the “Turkey Trophy” and bragging rights for the year, and their residents will take pride in the knowledge that their community makes charitable giving a priority.

The Volunteer Hub Is Launched to Help Darien Volunteers Find a Good Matches With Local Organizations

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The Community Fund of Darien is launching The Volunteer Hub, a complimentary service to Darien residents interested in finding just the right local volunteer opportunity. — an announcement from The Community Fund of Darien

“We’ve heard from Darien residents that they wanted to be more involved in our community and didn’t know how to get started,” explained Janet King, Executive Director of The Community Fund of Darien. Thanks to its community investments in many local nonprofit organizations, The Community Fund has strong ties to those who need volunteer help — a list that’s growing. “Since TCF has such extensive knowledge of local nonprofits, we want to use this expertise to create a personalized matchmaking service for Darien residents to find their dream volunteer position and support these organizations with their skills,” King said. How It Works
Individuals contact TCF’s Volunteer Hub Hosts, and those “volunteers for volunteering” will personally guide participants to the organizations which best match their skill set and areas of interest.

Our Darien Book Group For All She Knows

This Book Club Hits Close to Home: With New Canaan Author’s Novel on Parents,Teens, Drinking

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The “Our Darien” book club says its second virtual book group title: For All She Knows, a novel involving a teen party, drinking, parents and a community that “explodes.” It’s by New Canaan author Jamie Beck. — an announcement from the Our Darien campaign of the Community Fund of Darien

With the book club, which has online discussions on Facebook, the “Our Darien” campaign continues its conversation about youth mental health, the dangers of substance use and how parents can best support their teens. A former Darien police youth officer and a knowledgeable social worker will participate in an online book club discussion. Participants are invited to read at their own pace, and thought-provoking questions will be posted each week on the Our Darien Facebook page (, click “Groups”) to enhance the reader’s experience.