Biggest Little Farm movie poster 2018

‘Biggest Little Farm’ — Darien Library’s Friday Night Feature

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In the 2018 documentary “The Biggest Little Farm, a documentarian and his wife attempt to establish a farm outside LA while facing wildfires, pests and predators. — an announcement from Darien Library

Starring Molly Chester, John Chester; Rated PG for mild thematic elements; 91 minutes; Presented with Captions for the hearing impaired. All Darien Library Friday night features are free. The film will have two showings: From 6:30 to 8: 15 p.m. and from 8:30 to 10:15 p.m.

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Learn more about Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, California here. From the Wikipedia article about the movie:

“When the barking of their beloved dog Todd leads to an eviction notice from their tiny L.A. apartment, John and Molly Chester make a choice that takes them out of the city and onto 200 acres in the foothills of Ventura County, naively endeavoring to build one of the most diverse farms of its kind in complete coexistence with nature.