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When You See Emergency Lights at a Highway Crash, Slow Down, Move Over — It’s the Law

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In the wake of a crash last Friday in Southport, AAA Northeast strongly urges motorists to consider the potential danger emergency responders including tow truck drivers put themselves in when they assist disabled motorists on our interstates. “Connecticut has a “Slow Down, Move Over” law — which means just that,” said Fran Mayko, the spokeswoman for AAA Northeast, the regional affiliate of the American Automobile Association. ____________

— an announcement from AAA Northeast


“When a driver sees an emergency vehicle — whether it’s a state police cruiser, fire truck, ambulance, or a tow truck — with activated lights, drivers need to reasonably slow down below the speed limit,” she said. And if possible, they should move to the adjacent lane to give responders space to operate, she said. Last Friday evening, two parked AAA Northeast vehicles with emergency lights activated — a flatbed and battery van, assisting a disabled motorist on Interstate 95’s Exit 19 on ramp — were involved in a multi-vehicle crash.

Don’t Menace the Community with Your Mylar Balloons: Mom Won’t Like It

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Mother’s Day and graduation celebrations call for outdoor gatherings.  But before firing up the grill, be sure to take precautions to ensure any Mylar balloons used to liven up the festivities won’t pose a threat to the electric system. In recognition of National Electrical Safety Month, Eversource is reminding customers that Mylar balloons can cause power outages and even pose a significant safety risk. “The silver metallic coating on Mylar balloons is a conductor of electricity. If the balloon makes contact with power lines, it can damage electric lines and equipment, and cause power outages.

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Don’t Wear Seat Belts? Now’s the Time to Start: Enforcement Up in Next Two Weeks

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Darien police will be on the lookout for drivers not obeying seat belt laws during the 2017 national “Click It or Ticket” enforcement campaign from Monday, May 22 through Sunday, June 4. The department will be joining hundreds of other law enforcement agencies across the country during the two-week period. Here’s part of a statement about the campaign from the Connecticut Department of Transportation:

With the Memorial Day weekend coming upon us, Connecticut’s law enforcement agencies intend to promote safe driving and increase the protection of all motorists. Law enforcement officials are out on Connecticut’s roads enforcing the State Occupant Protection laws and issuing citations to those who are unbuckled.” In real life you don’t get a second chance” Click It or Ticket!

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Darien Has Higher Rate of Ticks with Lyme Than State Average

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Three numbers tell this story: (1) Over the past decade, 27 percent of deer ticks tested across Connecticut were positive for Lyme disease; (2) so far this year, it’s 38 percent; (3) in Darien so far this year, it’s 47 percent. The high Darien percentage was the case with the 20 ticks sent to the laboratory at the state agricultural experiment station in 2017 up to Easter (April 16). The rate has stayed the same — out of a total of 30 ticks tested so far this year, 14 (47 percent) have tested positive for Lyme. Any Darien resident can bring a tick to the town Health Department for testing. Only ticks found on people (not pets) are sent to the state laboratory, town Health Director David Knauf says.

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Expect More Ticks in 2017: Darien Health Dept Has This Advice on Avoiding Bites

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The black legged or deer tick (Iodes scapularis) is well known for spreading Lyme disease. Now, after a very mild winter, there are reports of a large number of ticks, all looking for a blood meal, possibly from you! _____________

— an announcement from Darien Health Department


Here are some tips and things to know to protect yourself and your family:

Residents can bring ticks taken from themselves or family members (no dog ticks please!) to the Health Department office where they will submitted and tested for the bacteria that cause Lyme Disease. While waiting for the results, watch for any of the following symptoms of Lyme Disease:

* Flu-like feeling, aches, fever, headache

* Enlarging often “bull’s eye” rash at the original site of the bite; reddish on light skin, bruised looking on darker skin. About 50 percent of light skinned adults get a rash and some get multiple rashes.

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AAA Northeast: Remember, Drivers — CT Has a ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ Law for Passing Accidents

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Since early January, there have been at least a half dozen or more near-hits or actual collisions with emergency vehicles on Connecticut’s interstates. In the wake of these incidents — the latest occurring Sunday night on I-95 in Guilford —AAA Northeast urges motorists to be aware of Connecticut’s “Slow Down, Move Over” law, that requires drivers to slow down and, if possible, move over, when they see emergency vehicles parked on the road’s shoulder. ____________
— an announcement from AAA Northeast, the American Automobile Association that includes western Connecticut, among its regions
Since early January, there have been numerous situations in which state police officers, emergency vehicles, and tow truck drivers have faced brushes with death on Connecticut highways after they stopped to offer assistance to injured or disabled motorists. “How many times do close calls, injuries, or fatalities have to occur before drivers understand that the law requires you to slow down?” said Fran Mayko, a AAA Northeast spokeswoman. “Emergency personnel put themselves in harm’s way daily to assist those in need.