Letter to the Editor Columbus

Volunteer Needed to Fill Vacancy for a District 2 Seat on the Representative Town Meeting

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To the editor,

There is a vacancy in Representative Town Meeting (RTM) District 2. The RTM is Darien’s legislative body and is charged with passing ordinances and appropriating funds for Town projects. It also approves collective bargaining contracts for Town employees, including teachers. Any registered voter is eligible for election to the RTM. If you are interested, please contact Clara Sartori at clarasartori0@gmail.com or call me at 203 655 6506 or 203 470 0312.

RTM Budget Meeting 05-10-17

If You Live in Darien Voting District 4, Consider Joining the Representative Town Meeting

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If you live in District 4 and are interested in serving the town as a member of the Representative Town Meeting, there are now two vacancies for that district, and you can apply for one. Here’s an announcement sent by Brian Rayhill, chair of the District 4 caucus:

Representative Town Meeting members of District IV will meet on Monday Nov. 25, 2019 at 7:00 PM in Conference Room 119 to consider electing two new members to fill two vacancies in our district. — This map shows where District 4 is

— You can look up your street to see if you’re in District 4

Potential candidates should contact District Chair Brian Rayhill at brianrayhill@gmail.com, and/or may attend the caucus. Please make an effort to be on time, as this meeting precedes our full RTM Meeting.

RTM Budget Meeting 05-10-17

You Can Petition to Go On The November Ballot to Fill a Vacancy in the Representative Town Meeting

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Looking to get involved in the workings of our Town? Since it’s expected that the Representative Town Meeting will have some vacancies going into the Nov. 5, 2019 election, town officials are  seeking interested registered voters who can petition their way onto the RTM portion of November’s ballot. The petition process requires that an individual acquire at least 25 signatures of voters residing in his/her district. Petitions are available in the Town Clerk’s Office, and once completed must be returned to the Town Clerk’s Office by 4 p.m., Sept.

RTM Public Hearing

Public Hearing 8 PM Wednesday, March 27 on Draft of Darien Bag Ordinance, Now With Specifics

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The public is invited to speak about the specific draft proposal for a Darien bag ordinance restricting use of plastic bags at a Representative Town Meeting pubic hearing at 8 p.m., Thursday in the Town Hall Auditorium. “If you wish to speak how this will affect your business, it is important you attend and speak,” the Darien Chamber of Commerce recently told its members in an email. “This is the last opportunity to do so.” Although this will be the last chance to speak to RTM members at a public hearing on the proposed ordinance, you can still email comments about it to the RTM at  DarienRTM@DarienCT.gov through April 3. New Details

The draft of the ordinance now up for public debate has many details that hadn’t been decided on when the last public hearing was held.