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All Off-Peak Weekday Trains to Get Quiet Cars Starting Wednesday

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Effective June 20, 2018, Two Quiet Cars remain available on every PEAK weekday train thanks to the “Quiet CALMmute” program. Effective this Wednesday, June 20, there will now be one Quiet Car on all off-peak trains to better accommodate customers, Metro-North announced Tuesday. During peak weekday periods, commuters already have two Quiet Cars, and that policy remains the same. They’re either the first two cars, for trains headed toward Grand Central Terminal, or the last two cars for trains headed away from the terminal. The same pattern will hold for the off-peak trains, only with one car: Headed inbound to Grand Central, the first car is the Quiet Car; headed outbound, it’s the last.

Quiet Calm Mute 3-24-16

Metro-North Adds Quiet Cars to All Weekday Trains Starting Monday, April 4

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“Quiet Cars” — where passengers are asked to speak only in a “subdued voice,” not use cell phones and disable sound on electronic devices — will be on every weekday Metro-North train as of Monday, April 4, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced. Here’s the announcement:

Starting Monday, April 4, two Quiet Cars will be available on every weekday train — peak and off-peak — thanks to the expansion of our popular “Quiet CALMmute” program. • On all weekday inbound trains, the last two cars are designated Quiet Cars. • On all weekday outbound trains, the first two cars are designated Quiet Cars. Look for the Quiet Car signage identifying the cars.