Mark Yarish third arrest 09-08-17

Third Arrest for Yarish in Ongoing Investigation into Sales of Pot, Booze and Tobacco to Minors

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An ongoing investigation into alleged selling of drugs and alcohol to underage youth by Mark Yarish, 51, of Cherry Street has resulted in a third arrest of Yarish and six more felony charges against him, Darien police said. Police also said that the latest charges involve sales of “marijuana, alcohol and an assortment of tobacco products to Darien juveniles as young as 12 years old.” Yarish was in the business of selling illicit substances to juveniles on an “almost daily basis” since last December, according to police. He communicated with the teenagers with texts and phone calls, then he would deliver items at a substantial markup over his cost, police said. Yarish has been arrested twice before (on July 24 and Sept.

Mark Yarish arrest photo 07-24-17

Police: Darien Man, 51, Made a Business Out of Providing Alcohol to Teenagers

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Reports that a man repeatedly was providing alcohol to teenagers led police to put a Darien man under surveillance — where they found evidence he was taking orders for booze and delivering it at a hefty markup, police said. Darien police gave this account of the matter, including accusations not proven in court:

For the past several months, police had been hearing about a local man providing the booze. Police found evidence the man, Mark Yarish, 51, of 20 Cherry St., was taking orders by text message and phone call, buying it at local stores, then delivering it to Darien teenagers. Two months ago, Police started an investigation and put Yarish under surveillance. They applied for and were granted an arrest warrant for Yarish, and on Friday, July 21, police went to his home and arrested him.