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‘Hope and Remembrance’ Banner for Those Killed by Substance Abuse

Banner drug Depot 10-04-17
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Now hanging at the Depot Youth Center, a “Hope and Remembrance” banner with pictures of those who passed away due to drug overdoses. Next to it is a display pledge cards signed by people committed to reaching out to others “who might be struggling” with substance abuse or addiction. The banner includes names and pictures of people from both Darien and New Canaan, the town where it originated. The Depot is encouraging people to come see the banner and add their pledges. (more…) Continue Reading →

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The Community Impact of Opiates

Join an important discussion about the impact of opiate addiction on our community. Experts in prevention, treatment, and law enforcement will address the challenges of how to effectively alleviate suffering, battle the stigma, understand the legal consequences, and develop preventative measures against one of the most dangerous drugs of our day. (more…) Continue Reading →

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