Michael Harman state of the town 912-12-16

State of the Town Addresses for 2016: Part 3, Board of Education Chairperson Michael Harman’s

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Good Evening,
Mister Moderator, Members of the RTM, fellow elected officials and community members of the Town of Darien.  On behalf of my colleagues on the Darien Board of Education (BoE), I welcome the opportunity to update our community on the accomplishments that have been taking place in the past year in the Darien Public Schools. 

We are now into the second year of our new Administration; under the guidance of Superintendent Dr. Brenner, the District has transitioned from ensuring compliance to focusing on how to build and improve the educational service delivery in the Darien Public Schools. 
It is easy to cite awards and championships, whether test results, college admissions percentages, music competitions, arts fairs, or athletic team successes.  The real work is taking place in the classroom and our Administration including Ms. Marjorie Cion, Director of Human Resources, Dr. Susie Da Silva, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Ms. Shirley Klein, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education and Student Services, and Michael Feeney, Director of Finance, have been busy making sure the District is providing our students with the educational services they deserve. Let me highlight some of changes taking place in our schools:

At the elementary schools, SRBI (Scientific Research-Based Interventions) is in full roll out
Hindley is home to the new DLC 3 (Developmental Learning Centers) program for students with autism spectrum disorders
At the Middle School, we now have the first year of our full year 6th grade world language
DHS has implemented the team taught and lab classes
The District finalized concurrent contract negotiations with the Darien Teachers Associations and the Darien Administrators Association
And a copy center has been installed at Central Office, with Tokeneke as the first school to implement. This year, three of our seven buildings welcomed new Principals, beginning with Principal Shelley Somers, who replaced long-time Principal Dr. Debbie Boccanfusa at Middlesex Middle School.  Principal DJ Collela replaced another long-time principal, Ms. Rita Ferri, at Hindley Elementary.  Royle Elementary welcomed their new principal, Principal Dean Ketchum, who relieved Mr. John Grasso, interim principal for the past two years. 
Last year, the Board laid out several goals for the new Administration including Community Relationships, Special Education, General Education, Common Core, Technology and Facilities.  The Administration has worked diligently on these goals, and as I attempted to highlight, made significant progress there.  However, for our discussion tonight, I would like to focus on the last two items, Technology and Facilities, as these will be relevant to the 2017-2018 Budget discussions moving forward. Our students already use technology in the classroom and when they take their annual Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC).  Last year, the Administration proposed an initiative to integrate Technology into the curriculum and teaching that takes place in the classrooms. 
The Vision was for Darien to become a 1:1 school district, grades 5-12 over the next 3 years.  Starting this week, our Sixth Graders are receiving their Chromebooks to use in the classroom and at home.  Next week, Seventh Graders will receive their devices and most of our Fifth Graders should have them before Christmas Break. 
Much work has been done to arrive at this point, including Professional Development for our teachers, pilot programs, student digital citizenship training and updated digital use policy.  The District is now at the point of transition to a technology program developing 21st century skills in our students. ______________

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This roll-out is part of a 3-year long budget initiative to bring Technology to all the classrooms, comparable to the introduction of Smart Boards in the classrooms.  Next year, the 1:1 roll-out will continue with the introduction of a tablet device at Darien High School while continuing the Chromebook deployment to the current Fourth Graders when they transition to fifth grade.  The Superintendent’s Proposed Budget will reflect the continued investment in our students’ technology initiative. 
Facilities will be another major consideration moving forward.  For the past several years, the Board has focused on Facilities and in particular the need to address projected enrollment and classroom capacity.  However, it has become apparent that this needs to be a broader focus, and I would like to speak tonight about Infrastructure, as there are in reality two separate issues. 
The continued stress of creating and converting classroom space in our buildings, led the Administration to seek to develop a Masterplan for the District’s facilities.  This study was conducted by KD&G over the summer, and included both a Building Conditions Study (BCS) as well as a Facility Utilization Plan (Masterplan).  The challenge has always been how to plan in the face of uncertainty regarding enrollment projections. 
The proposed large-scale redevelopment projects that have been identified in town have the potential to significantly impact the student population, so it becomes even more important to plan how the District can address those potential impacts.  However, the KD&G study also identified a range of maintenance requirements in the BCS study, which the Administration with Mike Lynch, Director of Facilities, is incorporating into a planning schedule for the Board of Education’s Capital Plan. 
The Board of Education has not finalized the current project list, we hope to have that discussion tomorrow at our regular Board Meeting, but KD&G has identified significant maintenance that the District will need to plan for over the next few years.   
The official October 1, 2016 enrollment, excluding the ELP Pre-Kindergarten program, was 4,722 students K-12, which represents a decrease of 45 students over last year’s projection of 4,767 students.  The current projection for 2017-2018 has a slight decrease of six students over current enrollment. 

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Michael Harman 3-6-16

Board of Ed Chairman: Spending Increase Due to Personnel, Training, Tech

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Higher personnel costs, together with more teacher training and the introduction of more technology into classrooms accounts for three quarters of the 3.44 percent increase in proposed school spending, according to the chairman of the Board of Education. Michael Harman, chairperson of the Board of Education, spoke early last week to the Board of Finance, as did First Selectman Jayme Stevenson at the official hand-off of their budget proposals for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. The Board of Finance will gather more information this month and later decide whether to cut or increase the budgets before sending them both to the Representative Town Meeting for final approval. The next 12-month fiscal year starts July 1. __________

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The Board of Education’s budget request of $93,847,816 is an increase of 3.44 percent over the 2015-2016 budget approved last year by the Representative Town Meeting.

Michael Harman

Board of Ed Chairman’s State of Town Speech: Schools Will Need More Space

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The Darien High School building, constructed and opened just 10 years ago, is expected to become too small for the student population, new Board of Education Chairman Michael Harman told the Representative Town Meeting on Monday. “Darien High School (DHS) is again facing classroom space concerns as enrollment moves closer to the maximum building capacity of 1,400 students, a number which is forecasted to be exceeded in 2018,” Harman said in his speech, one of four “State of the Town” speeches given Monday night. The town’s elementary school population will also need more classroom space, Harman said: “At present, the district has very limited capacity to accommodate any future growth, without attempting to address either elementary class size policy or use of aging portables.” That means the school district will have to build more classroom space or use “temporary” portable classes, he said: “[A]ll indications are that any recommended course of action could entail some type of facilities project and/or significant capital expenditure. _________

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In September 2014, the Board of Education hired consultants to study district space needs.