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Metro-North Increases Train Service as More Passengers Return: Here’s What’s Changed

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Effective Monday, June 15, Metro-North Railroad has increased train service on the Hudson, Harlem, and New Haven Lines. The increase in service is due to a steady growth in ridership in response to the Phase 1 reopening in New York state. — an announcement from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The new schedule will provide a 115% increase in peak service from the May 27 schedule, with several trains added in the morning and afternoon peak periods. We will continue to provide hourly service during off-peak periods, on middays, evenings, late nights, weekends and holidays. SEE ALSO: ‘I’m Desperate for a Reason To Be Bullish on Mass Transit … I Don’t See Any’: Cameron on Transportation (June 15)

During this special schedule, off-peak fares will continue to be in effect.

One Longtime CT Telecommuter Who Misses the City: Cameron on Transportation

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Joe Connolly has been a telecommuter for 20 years. You probably know him from his award-winning business reports on WCBS Newsradio 880 or his Small Business Breakfasts held annually in Stamford. But you might not realize that Connolly lives not in New York City, but in eastern Connecticut. He’s up and working weekdays by 4:30 a.m., driving first to pick up a print copy of the Wall Street Journal before heading to his office/broadcast studio near his home, where he seldom opens the window blinds. “I’m here to work,” he says, “not for the view.”
In his broadcast booth he has a big painting of the New York City skyline to keep him connected with his radio audience.

Jim Cameron Jim Cameron 8-2-16

Telecommuting Won’t Replace Train Commuting, the ‘Economic Backbone of Our State’ — McGee: Cameron on Transportation

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When it comes to transportation, Joe McGee is often the smartest guy in the room. If I want a vision of our state’s mobility future, he’s the first man I turn to. McGee served as then Gov. Lowell Weicker’s commissioner of economic development. For years I worked with him on the Connecticut Metro-North Rail Commuter Council. And until recently he was the Fairfield Business Council’s vice president for public policy, specializing in the intertwined issues of transportation and economic development.

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MTA: Metro-North Has Only 6% of Regular Volume Left, So Fewer Trains Will Run

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With the passenger volume on Metro-North trains now down 94%, and volumes down an overall 90 percent on all Metropolitan Transportation Authority trains, subways or buses, the MTA, which includes Metro-North, announced Wednesday that it’s cutting back service, including restricting the New Haven Line schedule. The new schedule starts this Friday, March 27. Except at “peak” times, trains will be arriving at stations only once an hour, the MTA said. Preserving some transportation on trains and keeping peak commuting service roughly the same on most (but not all) New York City buses and subways will allow “the healthcare workers, first responders and essential personnel on the frontlines” to get to their jobs, the announcement said. Fewer trains will also make them safer for employees, the announcement pointed out.