Launching Your 20-Something: Helping Your Young Adult Find a Life Purpose

“Help Your Twenty-something Get Launched:  Encouraging your young adult to find a life purpose and passion (and move out of your basement)!” In this interactive panel discussion at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 31, Maud Purcell, Psychotherapist and founder and executive director of the Life Solution Center of Darien, will follow up on the recent and well-attended “Got Resilience?” presentation at Darien High School, by helping parents support their twenty-somethings in becoming self-reliant, and prepared to face whatever life throws their way. Vince Benevento, Futures Coach, Founder and Director of Causeway Collaborative, and member of The Life Solution Center of Darien, will discuss how his team works with young people to help them find life purpose, direction, and a job! The cost to attend is $15 ($10 for DCA members). Reservations are requested for this General Programs event. Click for online registration