Chris Noe Jayme Stevenson

First Selectmen Candidates Present Views at League of Women Voters Forum

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With no Democratic candidate for first selectman running this year, First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, a Republican, and frequent independent candidate Chris Noe recently faced off again at a Darien League of Women Voters candidates forum at Town Hall. The audience watching and listening to the two candidates were presented with a window into their thinking: each candidate gave an indication about how they approach local issues and what they see as important. The candidates were on the stage for about 15 minutes during the two-hour forum. They answered several questions and made opening and closing statements. Lengthy excerpts of their statements are at the end of this article, and you can watch them on Darien TV79 (video below).

Jayme Stevenson state of town 912-12-16

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson to Stress Women’s Leadership in Her Run for Lieutenant Governor

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Jayme Stevenson recently said she’ll be running for the Connecticut GOP nomination for lieutenant governor, with one of the themes of her campaign that women should play a prominent role in the leadership of the next governor’s administration. “I would like to become lieutenant governor to be part of a team of leaders that can start to move the state in a different direction” from the current Democratic administration of Gov. Dannel Malloy, a Stamford Democrat now finishing his eighth year in office. “I also believe that the right team needs to have women as part of the team,” she said. “We women have unique skills that the state will benefit from.” As a symbol of her point that women can play a more prominent role in running the state, Stevenson said that she’s putting together an all-women campaign staff.

Stevenson State of the Town 2015

Expect to Get More Housing, Retail Options, Says Stevenson in ‘State of Town’ Address

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Some things to expect in the year ahead in Darien: proposals for housing singles, couples and families without children; proposals to build more retail space, and an effort to cut town government energy usage by 20 percent by 2020, according to First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, who gave her “State of the Town” address on Monday. Speaking to the Representative Town Meeting, she also said the town government is working to plan redevelopment of the Noroton Heights Railroad Station, get more natural gas available in Darien, considering a project to make street lights much more energy efficient, and she again said she supports more lights for town athletic fields. Stevenson also said: “I will be seeking support for setting aside funds to dredge the sedimentation basin below the Upper Pond Dam and here in front of Town Hall. The health of the Stony Brook and Goodwives River are at stake by not doing so.” Stevenson said she expects to support Darien Public Schools projects to provide more classroom space as the student population keeps swelling.

Koons Stevenson Marks

Stevenson, Marks, Koons Launch of Joint Board of Selectmen Campaign on Sunday

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An announcement from “Darien First 2015,” the joint re-election campaign for First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, Selectman Susan Marks and selectman candidate Kip Koons:

Darien First 2015 announces the launch of their campaign for November’s municipal election. The team includes incumbent Jayme Stevenson for First Selectman, incumbent Susan Marks for Selectman, and newcomer for Selectman, Kip Koons. Kip Koons brings his broad financial and strategic planning experience and proven leadership to the team. On Sunday, Sept. 27 from 4 to 5 p.m. at Grove Street Plaza, Jayme, Susan and Kip invite everyone for a meet-and-greet and official campaign kick-off.