Police: Darien Teen Gets Close to Being Scammed in Summer Job Scheme

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An 18-year-old Darien teenager appears to have been close to being scammed when she agreed to a pet sitting job from someone who emailed her, according to this police account:

On about May 1, the woman, an Anthony Lane resident, received an email from someone who said she was “Barbara B,” a “care specialist” from the Care.com website. Barbara B said the Darien woman could contact a “Nicole Doherty” at a gmail address to get details of a potential job. Doherty, by email, described a pet sitting job for a family moving from Canada to Darien. The job would pay $35 an hour for three hours of work a day, twice a week to care for two dogs. Doherty also said that she would send the Darien woman an advance check and the key to the apartment in town where the family would be living.

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How to Protect Yourself from Online Threats: Talk at Darien Library

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Learn how to protect yourself from online threats at Darien Library at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 31. Cyber security has been the focus of much attention lately, from email hacks to stolen credit card numbers. It can seem like a scary world when you’re constantly under attack by scammers, hackers, skimmers, spear phishers, spoofers, or even digital vandals. ___________

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But if you’re armed with a little information and some tools and habits to protect yourself, you can significantly reduce your risk of becoming a target and empower yourself to feel confident as you navigate your digital lives.

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Darien Woman, 20, Scammed of $1,600 When She Tried to Buy an English Bulldog Online

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A 20-year-old Darien woman received emails after she inquired about buying an English bulldog from a website, and soon she wired hundreds of dollars, as instructed in the emails, which never resulted in any pet being delivered. The woman, a Searles Road resident, told police on Saturday, Jan. 14 that she had inquired about buying a puppy from the DarleyEnglishBulldogs.com website on Wednesday, Jan. 11. On Thursday, she received an email from an account at delivery@gmail.com from an individual saying the email was in response to her online inquiry.