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Do Something Crazy and Fun This Weekend: Drive to 17 Indie Bookstores Around This Beautiful State

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The first thing you should know is that (1) this is more fun than a written description can relay. If you do this, you will remember for the rest of your life just how beautiful Connecticut is, especially when you leave the highway. Prepare to be charmed. The second, third and fourth things you should know are that if you participate in the Passport event for Independent Bookstore “Day” this weekend, April 27 and 28, (2) you’d better not mind being in a car for most of the day Saturday and Sunday, because you’ll be traveling to 17 bookstores around the state; (3) you’ll find it more fun if you love books, because 20%-off coupons at these bookstores are the direct reward; and (more…) Continue Reading →

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UPDATE: Get a Reward by Touring CT’s Independent Book Stores: Your Driving May Keep Them Thriving

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Barrett Bookstore is joining 20 Connecticut bookstores to celebrate INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE DAY! For many of you who have trouble driving past a bookstore, here is a great opportunity to get on the road and visit as many of the unique independents scattered through the state as your time and energy permits. (more…) Continue Reading →

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