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On Three Different Nights, 10 Unlocked Motor Vehicles Entered, Bank Cards and Other Items Stolen

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Items were stolen after 10 unlocked motor vehicles were entered overnight on three nights last week, including two thefts of stolen bank cards which were later used, police said. Darien police gave this additional information about the incidents:
From Sunday to Monday, April 18 to 19
At 20 Park Lane, a bank card was taken from an unlocked 2019 Audi S5. The bank card was used in Bridgeport before police arrived to get information. At 6 Lighthouse Way, a driver’s license was reported missing from a 2014 Range Rover. Nothing was reported missing from four unlocked vehicles that were entered at 10 Lighthouse Way, 14 Beach Drive and 10 Duffy’s Lane (where two vehicles were entered).


Police: Email Tells Darien Resident of Purchase She Didn’t Make; An Earlier Email May Have Set Her Up

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A resident of Raymond Heights road recently was told by her wireless carrier that she’d bought two iPhones — although she hadn’t. She checked her wireless bill and found that she’d been signed up for an installment plan for the two phones, with payments added to her monthly bill. When she reported the matter to police on March 5, she was asked about any recent suspicious activity that could have given fraudsters her personal information. She recalled an unsolicited email from her internet provider asking her to confirm some information. She had clicked on a link and typed in her personal information.