Hindley Happening 2022

The Hindley Happening Is Happening May 7

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After a two-year hiatus, the Hindley Happening carnival is taking place on Saturday, May 7, with rides, fun food, and games where you and your kids can win tickets for prizes, the Hindley PTO announced. Food offerings include Fjord, Darien Butcher Shop, Heights Pizza, Uncle’s Hot Dogs, Worlds Best Sundae, Kona Ice, carnival favorites like cotton candy, and more. “There is something for everyone, at every age,” the PTO announcement said. The PTO uses the event to raise money for the school. The carnival starts at 10 a.m. and runs till 6 p.m.

The Hindley Happening carnival is at Hindley Elementary School at the corner of the Post Road and Nearwater Lane.

Hindley School 4-27-16

Schools Superintendent: Electrical Malfunction and State Education Rules Close Hindley School Friday

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Hindley School won’t be in session tomorrow because the school’s electric system broke down (causing the fire alarm to go off) due to Tropical Storm Ida, Superintendent Alan Addley said Thursday in a message to parents and staff. Students and staff were evacuated from the building. The electrical system — specifically something called the “generator transfer switch” — wasn’t able to be fixed Thursday, Addley said, because there is so much demand for repair work in the area — again, due to Ida — that a licensed electrician wasn’t available Thursday to fix the problem. By the time the long Labor Day weekend is over (lengthened by a day because of the Rosh Hashanah Jewish holiday on Tuesday), Hindley should be open with the rest of the schools in the district on Wednesday, Addley said. The lost day will have to be made up later in the school year, because state rules mandate that school days lost for weather-related reasons don’t count toward the minimum number of days schools must be open in each school year, the superintendent said.