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Here’s How Often Eversource Helicopters Fly Over Darien — and Why

Eversource helicopter N1431W 02-22-17
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Eversource schedules its helicopters to fly over major electricity transmission lines and equipment four times a year (most recently in late December, late February and late this month — starting about now or sometime soon). We asked a utility spokesman why that happens so often, and here’s what we found out: (more…) Continue Reading →

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Eversource Helicopter Inspecting High-Voltage Lines in Darien, Elsewhere

Eversource helicopter
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Eversource is conducting aerial inspections of its high-voltage electric equipment and lines in Connecticut.  This annual inspection is an important part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing reliable energy to customers.  The work involves the use of a helicopter flying low over transmission lines to detect any potential equipment issues before system reliability is impacted. (more…) Continue Reading →

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