Either Farooq Hussein or Sachin Srinivasan comedians

A Pakistani and an Indian Walk Into a Bar and Do a Comedy Show

We can all use a big laugh right now.  So come on out to Half Full Brewery’s Third Place for locally brewed beer and the humor of NYC comedians Farooq Hussain and Sachin Srinivasan. — an announcement from the India Cultural Center

(Capacity limited to 80.)
Farooq Hussain (pictured) is a Pakistani American comic dodging med-school and homelessness simultaneously. He is based on Staten Island and yes, it gets worse from there. Born of both cultures he uses jokes (seriously?) to bridge the gap. Farooq has been featured on Funny or Die, Sirius XM, and NY Roast Battle, and has appeared at comedy clubs throughout the Tristate and beyond.