Eastern Box Turtle Front Eileen Socci 6-5-16

Local Wildlife Picture: Eastern Box Turtle off of Holmes Avenue

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Eileen Socci recently sent Darienite.com these pictures of an eastern box turtle found on the Metro-North tracks side of Holmes Avenue (south of Woodland Park):

We published a picture with information about eastern box turtles two weeks ago. Here’s the article. If you’ve got photos of Darien wildlife, share them with the rest of us! Feel free to email them to dave@darienite.com.

Eastern Box Turtle Pam Bass 5-14-16

From Baby Box Turtles, Big Box Turtles Grow

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This picture of a baby eastern box turtle was contributed by Pam Bass of Darien. The picture was taken this past week at Woodway Country Club (find more information about these turtles below):


If you have a picture of wildlife in Darien, share it with the rest of us! Email it to Dave@Darienite.com. ___________

According to the state Department of Environmental Protection website (we’ve slightly edited this excerpt):

A medium-size turtle readily distinguished by its high domed shell, and hinged plastron, with moveable front and rear lobes that enable the turtle to completely enclose itself within its shell. The carapace coloration is highly variable, with a pattern of yellow or orange on a brown to black background.