Mug shot Kevin Grant

Darien Man Charged with Selling Heroin [Updated]

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A Darien man, 25, has been selling heroin in town, and after Darien detectives obtained an arrest warrant for him this week, they found he was about to sell more on Saturday and arrested him, police said. (Editor’s note: This article has been updated at the bottom.)
Police gave this account of the matter (including accusations not proven in court):

The man, Kevin Grant of Shady Acres Road, was found when police put under surveillance an area where the sale was going to take place. Soon after 7 p.m., they saw Grant drive up and arrested him. Grant suffered minor injuries in the arrest and was treated by Darien EMS-Post 53. Police also found three bags of heroin during the incident.

Salvatore Vento 2-8-16

Police: Norwalk Man, Now Arrested, Sold Cocaine in Darien

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Darien police arrested a 45-year-old Norwalk man on Monday after an investigation into cocaine sales in Darien. Police say they confiscated both drugs and a hand gun from the man. Police on Tuesday afternoon issued this news release (with accusations not proven in court):

Over the past several weeks, the Darien Police Department Selective Enforcement Unit (S.E.U.) developed information involving the delivery and sale of cocaine in the southeastern section of Darien, within close proximity of I-95. Investigators identified Salvatore Vento, 45, of Flintlock Road, Norwalk  as the individual responsible for conducting the cocaine sales in Darien. Darien Police detectives then applied for and were granted search warrants for Vento’s residence and vehicles.

Peter Samaha

Police: Darien Man, 28, Sold Heroin from Leeds Lane Home

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Peter Samaha, 28, of 12 Leeds Lane in Darien was arrested Oct. 1 for selling drugs from his home for months, Darien police say. Police gave this account (containing accusations not proven in court):

Information developed by the department’s Selective Enforcement Unit led police to believe Samaha had been selling heroin out of the home, on a road just off of the northern part of Hoyt Street, since last November. Police had received anonymous complaints and police confirmed suspicious activity was going on, so they applied for a search warrant and were granted permission by prosecutors and a judge to search the home. Police conducted the search at the end of August.

Joshua Sanchez, 24, Ansonia

Police: Two Men Charged with Selling Heroin in Darien

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Darien Police released this statement on the arrests of two men, Joshua Sanchez of Ansonia and Roberto Cales of Seymour, both 24, on an accusation they were selling heroin in Darien. Here’s the news release:

Over the past several weeks, the Darien Police Department Selective Enforcement Unit (S.E.U.) developed information involving the delivery and sale of heroin in the northwest section of town. From Jan. 1 to July 31, 2015 there have been twenty-eight (28) confirmed heroin related overdose fatalities in Fairfield County.  That number does not include the dozens of non-fatal heroin related overdoses that have occurred in our area as well. Investigators determined that during the evening hours of Aug.