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College Students Returning Home for the Holidays: Beware of ‘Drinksgiving’

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Thanksgiving is a holiday about family and friends — reconnecting over food and drink. For college students coming home for the holiday break, a new tradition has emerged, and it can have tragic consequences. Known as “Blackout Wednesday,” and even “Drinksgiving,” the evening before Thanksgiving sees college students packing local bars to catch up with hometown friends, binge drinking as the night wears on. — an announcement from Mountainside Treatment Center

The restaurant management platform Upserve found that beer sales soared by 270 percent and liquor sales jumped 114 percent on Blackout Wednesday in a 2016 survey of 3,000 restaurants across the country. As the name “Blackout Wednesday” suggests, during this celebration one drink can quickly become four or five over the course of two hours – an alcohol consumption rate that meets the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s criteria for binge drinking.