Letter: Darien United Supports ‘Our Darien’ Campaign to Rein In Risky Drinking

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To the editor:

This letter expresses Darien United’s support of the “Our Darien” campaign launched by the Thriving Youth Task Force of The Community Fund of Darien. This Campaign is vital to our community as it addresses the important issue of underage binge drinking as well as how surrounding community-wide norms can contribute to adolescent alcohol abuse. Darien United is a coalition of youth workers representing churches in the community as well as the ministries we lead. We provide a platform of mutual collegial support and event planning in order to create safe spaces for students where they can be themselves, enjoy substance-free fun, and explore the intersection of life and faith. We are proud to be clergy members of the Thriving Youth Task Force as our missions inherently converge.

Darien United Youth Group 910-25-16

70 Kids from Three Churches at 1st Meeting of ‘Darien United’ Youth Group

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Darien United, a youth group comprised of kids from three churches, launched this Sunday with over 70 young Darienites in attendance. _____________

— an announcement from Darien United


The group, hailing from First Congregational, St.Luke’s Episcopal and Noroton Presbyterian got together to help the kids learn that in a world that is constantly dividing us, people can put differences aside and work and learn together. First Congregational youth minister Gary Morello helped to orchestrate the unprecedented town youth ministry, and is excited to help to “young people a platform to engage in relationships as well as learn about pure moral character.”

This was just the first meeting of what promises to be a growing group.