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Darien’s town government website appears to be incapable of telling the public when a town government meeting has been cancelled. The meeting shown here did not take place. expends considerable time and effort to get to Police Commission meetings which are cancelled but not shown as cancelled on the town government website. Can that really be so hard to do?  

Town Government Website 8-2-16

Darien Town Government’s Redesigned Website Is Online

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It may be only temporary (we haven’t received an announcement, and there can always be glitches), but the Darien town government website has a new look. Town Administrator Kate Buch said at a recent meeting that at least one person from each town government department was being trained on how to use the website. Here’s what the Home page looks like (the pictures rotate):


The pictures on the Home page come from Wikimedia Commons (where these particular ones are free to use by anybody and posted without copyright). Some of the old Web pages still look the same, as of late afternoon Tuesday, such as this one:


In some cases, the old and the new pages are both on the Web, and clicking on links from one page to another will sometimes get you a “404” error page, sometimes get you another old-style page — but that’s the kind of thing that happens in a website transition. This gives a sense of what the new and old Web pages look like.