Map Sewer Inspections April to June 2021

Sewer Inspection Project Now Started, Runs Through Mid-June

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The Darien Department of Public Works has hired a consultant to perform planned inspections of the sewage collection system in the central and east-central areas of town, starting Friday, April 9 and running through mid-June, the department announced late Friday afternoon. — an announcement from the Darien DPW
Expect to see work along these roads, as well as their side streets (also, see the map accompanying this announcement):

Leroy Ave.;
Southern Mansfield Ave.;
Southern Brookside Rd;
Post Rd;
Ledge Road;
Old Kings Hwy South;
Old Kings Hwy North; and,
Side streets and connectors in these areas. The work will continue for eight weeks through mid-June 2021. Town government personnel will accompany the consultants at all times while this work is performed. Most work is scheduled for the daytime hours. Some work on the Post Road will occur at night, and Darien police will be made aware of any nighttime activity. 
You may see or hear activity in these areas.  There is no action required on your part.  No one will need access to your home as part of this work.