Leslie Silva and K-9 Kenny Yelllow Lab Labrador Retriever 06-01-17

Move It on Over, Criminals, There’s a New Police Dog in Town

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The Darien Police Department is pleased to announce the start of service for the K9 Team of K-9 “Kenny,” and his handler Officer Leslie Silva.  

K-9 “Kenny” is a 3 ½-year-old yellow Labrador retriever. __________

— an announcement from Darien Police Department


The name Kenny was chosen as a tribute to fallen Darien Police Officer Kenneth Bateman. K-9 Kenny was provided to the department by trainer Frank Reda of “Superior K-9 Services” as a replacement for K-9 Grizzly. Officer Silva was previously paired with K-9 Grizzly, who had to retire from service due to failing health.

Grizzly K-9 police Officer Leslie DaSilva

Darien Police K-9 Grizzly Put to Sleep

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Grizzly, a black labrador retriever who only recently started as a Darien Police K-9, was put to sleep Monday, after the dog was diagnosed with bone cancer. He was 3 years old. “We’re thankful for the time we had with him,” Police Chief Ray Osborne told the Police Commission on Tuesday. Grizzly had been trained for narcotics detection work and, being a gentle dog like many labrador retrievers, was also a public relations asset for the Police Department. The decision to put Grizzly to sleep was made when the dog could no longer walk, Osborne said.

Grizzly Police Dog Leslie DaSilva 04-18-17

Police K-9 Grizzly’s Brief Career in Darien Cut Short by Cancer

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Darien Police announced Tuesday that K-9 Grizzly, who only started with the department recently, has had his career in the department suddenly cut short after a doctor diagnosed his bone cancer. Efforts are being made to get another police dog for Officer Leslie Silva, who just went through months of training with Grizzly. Here’s the Darien police announcement:
It is with very heavy hearts that the Darien Police Department reports that Darien Police K-9 “Grizzly” has been medically retired from service. K-9 “Grizzly,” a 3 1/2 year old chocolate lab, was acquired by the Town of Darien in September of 2016 and placed with his handler, Officer Leslie Silva. He and his handler completed an extensive training program through Superior K9 Services, and subsequently received State and National Certifications in narcotics detection.

Meet Grizzly and Argo, Newest Members of the Darien Police Force

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Eight fast legs, four sharp eyes, four rows of teeth (when needed) and, perhaps most importantly, two acute noses — all packaged in two trained police dogs — have just joined the force, Darien Police Department has announced. Here’s the announcement:

Two new K-9 Teams have been placed into service this past month. Officer Leslie Silva, a two year veteran of the department, has been partnered with K-9 “Grizzly,” a 3-year-old chocolate lab. Officer Amanda Hinkley, also a two year veteran, has been partnered with K-9 “Argo,” a 1-year-old German Shepherd. Both teams have successfully completed extensive obedience and narcotics detection training over the past several months.


With K-9 Zulu Retiring, Police Look to Labrador Retriever & Possibly a 2nd Dog

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Zulu, Darien Police Department’s first police dog, is the last dog from his training class still at work, and he’s expected to retire by the end of the year. Police want to replace Zulu, a German Shepherd with a Labrador Retriever and possibly a second police dog, as well, Police Chief Duane Lovello says. “We think a Lab would be a better fit,” Lovello told the Police Commission at its last meeting, Aug. 10. “Most of the work we’re seeing right now is narcotics related.