Darien Senior Activities Center sign

Closing Time: Library Closes 6 PM Friday, Senior Center for Week of Aug 17-21

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Will the last person leaving Darien please turn off the lights? If anything more closes in or around town, they’ll start rolling up the sidewalks: The latest closures to be announced are a Friday night (Aug. 7) shutdown of Darien Library and a weeklong closure of the Darien Senior Activities Center (Aug. 17 to 21.)

You may have noticed the highway traffic or even in-town traffic lightening up, and you may have heard about the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles closing for next week to do a computer upgrade. A major paving project on Interstate 95 is also ongoing at night.

Planning on Using a Darien Library Computer Tuesday? Change That Plan

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Darien Library’s public computers are offline for today, Tuesday, June 23 as maintenance work is performed on the server. The library has posted announcements at its front desk and online to explain why. As it says on the bottom of the sign, you can still use your own laptop, tablet or even smart phone at the library. Here’s the library’s announcement on Facebook:
The Library computers will be unavailable Tuesday, June 23rd. As a part of ongoing maintenance and repair, we will be doing a complete re-installation of the server that runs our public computers.