Telephone Scam Cops 09-08-17

If You Get a Call Demanding an Immediate Tax Payment, It Isn’t from Darien Police

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You get a call from someone purporting to be an official, or even someone in law enforcement, who demands that you pay a tax bill or face dire consequences — and the caller is demanding that money now. That’s what happened to a Darien resident who recently received a call from someone purporting to be a police officer — and Caller I.D. indicated the call was coming from the Darien Police Department. THAT’S how clever these scammers can be. Darien police just issued a warning about it. Here’s an announcement from Darien police about the problem and the incident:

The Darien Police Department would like to warn residents about a sophisticated phone scam that is targeting taxpayers not only in Darien, but throughout the country.