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Police: Man, 24, Tried to Buy Almost $2,300 in Liquor Using Stolen Identity

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A 24-year-old man called up a local liquor store and tried to buy an expensive case of whisky with somebody else’s name and credit card, but police detectives were called and one of them, in turn, fooled the man into thinking he was the store owner. Police then checked the credit card number the man was using, and later arrested him when he went to the store to pick up the case of booze. The man first called up a liquor store in town on Thursday, Nov. 8 and tried to get a case of Johnny Walker Blue delivered to a local church, and he offered to pay for the whole thing — which turned out to be a whopping $2,297.04 for the expensive whisky — over the phone with his credit card. But the liquor store owner got suspicious, put off the caller for several days (in which the young man called back the next day and then on Monday, Nov.

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Police: Thousands of Dollars Stolen from Checks in a Mailbox — on a Shoestring Budget

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A man and two teenage boys, all from Yonkers, were arrested after they stole envelopes from a mailbox at the Darien Post Office on Saturday, police said. Also, a check was found to have been altered after it had been mailed at the same place on the previous Tuesday, police said. Darien police described what happened with this account, including accusations not proven in court:

Two Checks Altered for a Total of $2,343

On Tuesday, Oct. 23, a man later told police, he had mailed six checks by putting the envelopes in a mailbox at the Post Office on Corbin Drive. His bank later informed him that some of the checks had possibly been cashed fraudulently.

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Police: Three Men Now Charged With Identity Theft Attempted to Get Debit Card With Phony ID

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A manager at TD Bank in Darien became suspicious when a man who asked for a new debit card gave her a document for identification, and when she asked for the man’s Social Security number, he looked it up on his phone, said police, who were called in at that point. Police eventually arrested the man and two accomplices, all from Long Island. Here’s what happened, according to the police account, which includes accusations not proven in court:

Last Thursday, April 26, Justin Wright of Bay Shore on Long Island entered the TD Bank at 55 Post Road went to the bank to ask for the debit card. Just before 3:52 p.m., the bank manager stepped away from Wright to call police. When a police officer confronted Wright, 27, with the bank manager’s account of what happened, he admitted that he had lied and was trying to use fraud to get access to a debit card.