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Club Pilates Coming to Darien This Fall in Former Panera Bread Location

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Club Pilates, a national chain, expects open a local franchise in Darien sometime around Labor Day, offering classes in roughly half of the space formerly occupied by Panera Bread at 1063 Post Road. The 1,800-square-foot studio is located on the half of the first floor farthest from the Darien Playhouse side of the building, Attorney Wilder Gleason, speaking for Club Pilates, told the Planning & Zoning Commission at a recent meeting. There’s limited parking in that part of downtown, but there’s plenty for the number of clients and employees expected to be on the site at any one time, Wilder said. The P&Z Commission later agreed, and on May 30, it approved the application for a special-permit use of the site. Pilates exercises don’t require complicated equipment and don’t use loud music, as a cycling studio or some gyms do, Gleason told the P&Z.