Police Darien Police Lock Your Car Every Time

Several Motor Vehicles Entered, Attempt Made to Steal One, All in Noroton

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Overnight from Saturday to Sunday, cars were entered on the lower end of Hollow Tree Ridge Road and nearby Wilson Ridge Road, and in one case an attempt was made to steal an SUV from a driveway, police said. Each of the vehicles was unlocked, despite repeated thefts from vehicles many times before in that same neighborhood. Darien police gave these accounts of what happened, listed in order of the times police found out about the vehicles being entered:
Attempted Theft: 33 Hollow Tree Ridge Road
A resident awoke just before 12:27 a.m. after hearing a loud banging sound. Looking outside, the homeowner discovered that the sound had been made by the homeowner’s white 2016 Honda Pilot being driven into the garage door. The SUV’s door was ajar.