Jayme Stevenson 3-1-16

Stevenson to Legislature: Housing Law Discriminates Against Elderly, Developmentally Disabled

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First Selectman Jayme Stevenson says the state’s 8-30g fair housing law should stop discriminating against elderly housing, and it should promote housing for developmentally disabled adults. In a statement Stevenson submitted to the state Legislature’s Housing Committee and released Tuesday, Stevenson says that the formula towns have to meet to be judged as providing enough affordable housing discounts housing offered to the elderly, and it

Towns that are deemed by the state as not meeting the criteria (as Darien currently is) are subject to having developers get approval for affordable housing proposals from the state rather than town land-use boards.  

Here’s the text of her statement to the General Assembly’s Housing Committee on House Bill 5363:

Senator Winfield, Representative Butler, Senator Hwang and Representative Kupchick,

Thank you the opportunity to provide testimony regarding House Bill 5363: An Act Concerning The Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure. I am writing today in opposition to the proposed changes as they do not address fundamental inequities within CT Statute 8-30g. According to information obtained on the State of Connecticut Department of Aging website, Connecticut has “one of the country’s oldest populations” and our “population of those 60 and older is growing more quickly than other groups”.

Clock Hill Condominiums Sign

You Can Apply to Own an Affordable Home at Clock Hill Starting Oct 12

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An announcement on the Darien town government website about the waiting list opening up at Clock Hill Homes, also known as Clock Hill Condominiums:

The Town of Darien (Town), through Imagineers, will accept 200 pre-applications for its Affordable Homeownership Program of Clock Hill Homes Association, Inc. (CHH) waiting list through a computer generated lottery. Clock Hill Homes consists of moderate income one- and two-bedroom unit condominiums which are owner occupied. Affordable Housing is defined as housing which can be afforded by household’s earning 80 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI). If you are selected to be on the wait list and once there is an available unit for you to purchase, you must be prepared to put down a 1 percent binder (deposit). This CHH Pre-Application Form is intended to be completed by the head of household and other household members that have income and would eventually qualify as an applicant or co-applicant on a mortgage loan.