Rockwell Lane House Sells for $3,160,000, and Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

1 Rockwell Lane Wilkos

1 Rockwell Lane, Darien

—1 Rockwell Lane — Shane Kaiser and Lindsay Kaiser to Rachelle Wilkos and Steven Wilkos, sold April 12, filed April 15, $3,160,000 — PICTURED

—6 Wilson Ridge Road — William Siemers and Elizabeth Siemers to Matthew Huss and Cecilia Huss, sold April 4, filed April 16, $1,240,000

—11 Meadowbrook Road — John Sommi and Nancy Sommi to Richard Small Jr. and Samantha Small, sold April 8, filed April 16, $1,950,000

—32 Phillips Lane — Dorothea Carnes to Miller River Financial LLC of Stratford, sold April 13, filed April 16, $635,000

—29 Birchwood Road — Nicole Eades to Daniel Concannon and Courtney Concannon, sold April 16, filed April 17, $800,000

—7 Hunt Road — Kevin Webb and Catherine Webb to Christopher Ix and Amanda Ix, sold and filed April 17, $1,250,000

—13 Sunswyck Road — Estate of Daniel Cooney to Christopher Emme and Leticia Emme, sold April 10, filed April 11, $950,000

—388 Middlesex Road — Stephen Foresta and Mary Foresta to Michael Kuras and Katherine Kuras, sold and filed April 12, $2,500,000


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