Report: Darien Public School Enrollment Down by 50 Students This Year

Darien Public Schools

Darien Public Schools

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A report to be presented to the Board of Education Tuesday evening shows Darien Public Schools enrollment this year down 50 from last year at this time, with 4,797 students, compared with 4,847 in 2015.

Enrollment in Middlesex Middle School — which went from 1,167 students on Oct. 1, 2015 to 1,134 as of Sept. 14 — accounts for two thirds of the drop, or 33 students.

The grade school population went from 2,322 to 2,309 in the same period — 13 students. Individual elementary grade populations vary, with Grade 1 students now in the smallest class (356 students) and Grade 3 students in the largest class (399 students).

At Darien High School, the numbers went down by only four students, from 1,358 to 1,354.

Two elementary schools gained students: Holmes, with 12 more; and Tokeneke, with 7 more. Every other school dropped in student population, with the biggest drop among elementary schools at Royle, which has 19 fewer students this year.

The largest grade in Darien Public Schools is the current Grade 7, with 408 students; the smallest, Grade 10, with 328 students (although this year’s senior class is barely any bigger, with 330 students).

Dr. Susie DaSilva, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, will give the enrollment report, according to the meeting’s agenda.

Here are specific tables and excerpts from the report:

Elementary school enrollment 9-20-16

Middle and High School enrollment 9-20-16

Optimal class sizes per grade 9-20-16

Class sizes by grade and school 9-20-16

DPS enrollment policy 9-20-16

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