Rabies Found in Bat Captured a Mile North of Darien

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A bat captured Aug. 1 inside of a home on Tommys Lane in New Canaan has tested positive for rabies at the state laboratory, according to officials in the Animal Control section of the New Canaan Police Department.

Residents of the home on Tommys Lane, about a mile north of Darien, were advised to seek medical advice. Their dog received a rabies booster and is being observed for 45 days.

— This article originally was published by NewCanaanite.com.

Since July 1, residents reported finding a total of six bats — five of which tested negative, according to New Canaan Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm. Five were found in bedrooms, while one was spotted outside, near the family’s dog.

Bats are active at dusk and can enter a home by following insects — often without being detected, according to Halm.

More about bats in Connecticut, from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Little Brown Bat

Photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, via Wikimedia Commons

Little brown bat, one of several species of bats found in Connecticut.

How to Protect Your Home

To prevent the spread of rabies to humans and domestic pets, as well as to protect the bats themselves, she said it’s important to secure the chimneys and flue, and keep windows and doors closed at night.

“Bats are extremely important to our environment because of the amount of insects they consume,” Halm said.

By law, she added, domestic pets must always be kept up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations.

Because New Canaan Animal Control does not remove live bats from residents’ homes, residents must contact a nuisance wildlife control operator who will secure and euthanize the bat for a fee. Animal Control will then prepare the animal for transport for the state laboratory.

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