Police: Former Employee Tells Homeowners Their Contractor Owes Him, They Tell Him: Go, Never Return

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A former employee of a contractor who worked at a house on Georgian Lane later went back to the house to ask the homeowners about contacting the contractor, who had fired him, police said.

Police described what happened with this account:

The man went to the house shortly before 7:40 p.m. on Wednesday, July 5 and told the homeowners that the contractor owed him money. The homeowners told the man that he needed to leave the property, which he did without further incident. The homeowners then contacted police, telling them that while they didn’t want to press charges, they did want police to tell him never to go back on their property.

Police told him that. They added that if he returned, he could be arrested. They also told him that he could seek remedy for unpaid wages through court proceedings. He told police that he understood and wouldn’t be back.

Nothing in the police account indicated that the man had done anything criminal, at any point.