Police: Felon With Fake Firearms Arrested, Charged With Possessing a BB or Pellet Gun

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A 64-year-old Darien man was charged with criminal possession of a firearm following a search of his home on the Post Road after police responded to an emergency call for an unresponsive male and indications the male had been shooting drugs into his veins, police said.

Darien police described what happened with this account, including accusations not proven in court:

Jeffery Davis mug shot

Arrest photo from Darien P.D.

Jeffery Davis, 64, arrested on Oct. 31, 2019 on a charge of criminal possession of a firearm.

At 5:38 p.m. on Oct. 2, police were called to 2646 Post Road, near the intersection of the Post Road with Hillside Avenue. The unresponsive male there was taken to Stamford Hospital for further evaluation.

Detectives applied for and received a search warrant for the home, where they found several things with trace amounts of opiate narcotics.

Police also found several “prop” firearms — facsimiles of firearms that are almost identical to working ones, although no projectile is discharged by the trigger. Gunpowder used in them makes them sound and look like guns firing, however.

A BB or pellet gun was also found. (BBs are round; pellets behave more like bullets.) By state law, that’s considered a firearm that a convicted felon is not allowed to possess.

So police arrested Jeffery Davis, 64, who lives in the home, on a charge of criminal possession of a firearm. Davis turned himself in to police on Thursday, Oct. 31, and was released on a $10,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on Nov. 7.

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