Police: Driver Charged After Hitting Cyclist, Who Took a Picture of the License Plate

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Police say a bicycle rider who was struck by a car was able to take a picture of the car’s license plate, leading to charges against the driver.

It’s the second recent report of a Darien victim getting a picture of a license plate that led to charges against someone else. In the previous case, a woman’s picture led to the arrest of two men on burglary charges.

Police gave this description of what happened, including accusations not proven in court:

The cyclist later told police he stopped on the sidewalk to wait until it was safe to cross West Norwalk Road. A vehicle on that street stopped at the stop sign and waved the cyclist across, so he began crossing the street.

As he did so, a man in a gray 2003 Acura RSX turned left onto West Norwalk Road from the Post Road and struck the cyclist. The driver stopped and asked the cyclist if he was all right. Police didn’t say what the cyclist’s response was.

The police account did not say whether or not the cyclist was injured or the bicycle was damaged.

The Acura then left the scene. The cyclist was able to take a picture of the car’s license plate.

The license plate information led police to contact the driver, a 31-year-old resident of Newtown Avenue in Norwalk. He said he was at the scene and almost hit the cyclist, but his car never made contact with the bicycle or its rider. Police saw damage to the man’s car consistent with the impact described by the cyclist.

The Norwalk man was charged with evading responsibility and failure to yield while turning left. He was issued a misdemeanor summons to appear Aug. 28 in state Superior Court in Stamford.


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