Police: Darien Resident Finds Fraudulent $1,350 Bank Withdrawal, Has No Idea How It Happened

Town Seal Patrol Car

The town seal is part of Darien Police Department's shield-like logo (coat of arms?). Here's a widely seen version from the side of a typical patrol car. Note the central gable (the pointy part in the middle) is not quite missing from the building, but it's got the same color as the roof.

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A Darien woman told police she checked her bank account online found a fraudulent check withdrawal that cost her $1,350, made out to someone she didn’t know and cashed in faraway Destin, Florida.

Worse than all of that: She has no idea how it happened: “The complainant had no thoughts as to how her bank account could have been compromised,” the police announcement said.

The woman, who lives on a small street off of Camp Avenue, reported the theft on Tuesday, Oct. 22. The police announcement didn’t say if her bank was refunding her the money it let someone else have (or if she was dumping that bank to use another, or what bank she was using). Banks sometimes want people with these complaints to make a formal report to police before restoring money.

Checking your bank and credit card statements online is one way experts recommend that you can nip these thefts in the bud — before even more money is taken from your accounts.

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