Police: Arguing Couple Reported to Cops, Who Find Man in Violation of No-Contact Order

Darien Police SUV Pointed Right

A Darien police SUV with a "push bar" in the front.

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When a third party complained to police about a man and woman arguing in a parked vehicle at 12 noon on Saturday, police said, they found the man had been issued a legal order forbidding him to have any contact with the woman.

The couple had been in an argument on Interstate 95 and had exited the highway to park and continue the argument, police said. They parked at 97 Noroton Ave., on the corner of Noroton Avenue and Maple Street.

The man, 22, of Bridgeport, was arrested on a charge of violating a protective order. He was released on a promise to appear Monday, June 1 in state Superior Court in Bridgeport.

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