Police: Accomplice Arrested in $3,500 Shampoo Theft from CVS Last December



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The man who drove the getaway car for a shampoo thief who stole $3,500 from a shelf at CVS Pharmacy has been arrested on larceny charges, Darien police said.

Police described the crime and how they got to the driver with this account, including accusations not proven in court:

As Luis Medina, 25, of Marion Avenue in the Bronx, entered the store on Dec. 27 and then walked out with the expensive bottles of shampoo, Osaban Williams (also known as Osahar Williams), also of Marion Avenue in the Bronx, was waiting with a Volkswagen Beetle outside. When Medina left with the shampoo, he got into the car and the two drove off in the car.

Someone got the license plate number, and the owner identified the driver that day as his son. Police applied for and, on Jan. 13, received an arrest warrant for Williams, who was contacted later and told police had the warrant.

Williams, 21, turned himself in to police on March 6. He posted bond, which had been set at $25,000, and is scheduled to appear Thursday, March 16 in state Superior Court in Stamford.


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