Old Oak Road Home Goes for $1.2 Million and Other Darien Home Sales

17 Old Oak Road real estate

17 Old Oak Road, Darien

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

17 Old Oak Road real estate

17 Old Oak Road, Darien

—163 Pear Tree Point Road — Scott Fine and Kristin Fine to Gekko Oulette LLC of the same address, sold Aug. 27, filed Aug. 29, $12,500,000

—25 Point O’Woods Road — Steven Evans and Melanie Evans to Kemp Bohlen and Samantha Bohlen, sold Aug. 22, filed Aug. 29, $2,075,000

—106 Old Kings Hwy. South — Thomas Torrillo and Meghan Durkin to Robert Tolve and Tara O’Connell, sold Aug. 26, filed Aug. 30, $815,000

—15 Silver Lakes Dr. — Stephen Pomponi and Amy Pomponi to Erin Spalsburg, sold and filed Aug. 30, $1,060,00

—17 Old Oak Road — Diana Nehro and Gregory Nehro to Michael Pakula and Mikayla Pakula, sold and filed Aug. 30, $1,200,000 — PICTURED

—26 Greenleaf Ave. — Paige Panda and Brendan Panda to Gregory Nehro and Diana Nehro, sold Aug. 20, filed Sept. 3, $2,360,000

—20 Juniper Road — Paul Huffard IV and Kimberly Huffard to 20 Juniper LLC, sold Aug. 12, filed Sept. 3, $10,100,000

—93 Hecker Ave. — Patricia Montanaro to Michael Grant, sold Aug. 21, filed Sept. 4, $595,000


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