Kids and New Year’s: ‘NOON Year’s Eve’ Event Tuesday at Library and Check Out These Old Postcards


Image from a U.S. postcard mailed in 1920

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Families are welcome to join Darien librarians in the Children’s Library for a fun countdown to “noon” as we get ready for the new year!

Kids and New Year’s celebrations have been celebrated for a long time. We’ve added a small, online exhibition here of early 20th century postcards

New Year's children postcard mailed 1920 vertical

Image from a U.S. postcard

Children celebrating on New Year\’s Eve, from a postcard mailed in 1920

Decorate a craft and have a snack as we celebrate together. Say farewell to 2019 and hello to 2020!

No registration required.

Suggested for children ages 3 and up.

an announcement from Darien Library


The Maritime Aquarium is also offering a Noon Year’s Eve celebration. You can combine that with a visit to the fishes and an IMAX movie.


A holiday now more associated with drinking at late-night parties isn’t especially child-friendly, so “First Night” celebrations and family “Noon Year’s Eve” parties for younger children have been held in recent years.

But, as these postcards show, the holiday has been associated with children in the past, at least on postcards.

A look through postcards from the first quarter of the 20th century, now for sale on, show some interesting patterns:

— More girls than boys are pictured. When boys are shown, they’re often shown paired with a girl, sometimes with a midnight kiss.

— Clocks, naturally, are a theme, but so are shamrocks and money (apparently reflecting wishes for a prosperous new year).

Image from a postcard by Frances Brundage (copyrighted 1910)

Children celebrating New Year’s Day

New Year's Day Eve child postcard ebay cancelled 1909

New Year’s postcard mailed in 1909

Postcard New Year's Day Eve children clock

Another New Year’s postcard with children and a clock, from the early 1900s.

New Year's Day Eve postcard 1912 Bon Ton Art Co. children

Bon Ton Art Co. postcard, 1912

Another New Year’s postcard, this one from 1912


New Year's Postcard children money 1912

A postcard with children and money, and with “1912” hand-written on it.

New Year's horseshoe children shamrocks 1910 postcard

Horseshoe and shamrocks for luck in this 1910 New Year’s postcard from Germany.

New Year's Day Eve postcard children early 20th century

German postcard with children stacking gold coins for the new year. Note the shamrocks at their feet. These images were more prevalent in German postcards. A lot of early 20th century postcards were printed in Germany, with many meant for the U.S. or British markets.

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