Nine Darien High School Seniors Named National Merit Semifinalists for 2018

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Nine Darien High School seniors have been named National Merit Semifinalists, school officials announced.

Each of the students will be candidates to receive a scholarship from the National Merit Scholarships program.

These are the students:

National Merit Semifinalists

Photo from Darien High School

Scroll down for a better look at their faces in three pictures.


  • Paul Hager
  • Forrest Lazzara
  • Caroline Lui
  • Daniel Pfrommer
  • Samuel Scott
  • Julia Tong
  • Justin Van de Graaf
  • Christopher Vernal
  • Zhihao Wang

They join about 16,000 students nationwide who have been recognized as national merit semi-finalists.

“We are so proud of this exceptional group of students and wish them well as the process moves forward.” said DHS Principal Ellen Dunn.

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