More Thefts of Checks: Two From a Home Mailbox, Two Others Mailed from Inside the Post Office

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Thefts from home mailboxes and from the mailboxes inside the Darien Post Office have continued, with two victims reporting incidents to police, one on Thursday; the other, Friday.

According to Darien police, these new cases are still under investigation:

A woman told police on Thursday that she had mailed two checks at the drop box inside the Darien Post Office lobby on Corbin Drive. Her bank contacted her to say one of her checks had been altered and cashed for a much larger amount than it was originally made out for.

The victim also discovered that a second check had also been altered for a much larger amount, but the bank prevented payment for that check.

In a separate case, a Hollow Tree Ridge Road resident told police on Friday that two checks he had put in his mailbox between Nov. 2 and 7 to be mailed out had been altered for much larger amounts. His bank cleared one of the checks for deposit into an account. The bank refused to pay when a different check from the same victim was altered and presented.


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