Monday Night: Board of Ed to Hear About School Renovations, Enrollment Projections, Hiring, Meeting Schedule, Discuss Goals

Darien Public Schools

Darien Public Schools

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Looking at this fall’s projected enrollment, Darien Public Schools officials don’t think they’ll need to add class sections when school starts, the Board of Education was told in a memorandum on Friday. A report on that is among the items on tonight’s board agenda.

Dr. Susie DaSilva will give the board an update on district enrollment and class sections. “As of July 26, the district does not anticipate the need to add additional elementary class sections,” Superintendent of Schools Alan Addley wrote in the memo dated Friday, July 26 to board members.

Also on the agenda: a proposed schedule of Board of Ed meetings, a report on how building renovations are going, a discussion of the board’s goals and objectives, and a report on hiring new teachers and other staff members,

So far, the district has hired 24 staff members certified in teaching, and it is still interviewing candidates for the vacant assistant principal position at the high school A total of 10 available jobs have not yet been filled, including four instructional aide positions at elementary schools.

“Staffing assignments for special educational paraprofessionals are being finalized,” Addley wrote in the memo. In an executive session before the public meeting, Addley will give board members “a status update on some personnel matters,” he wrote.

Here’s the full text of the memo and some of the other material given to board members preparing for Monday night’s meeting, which begins at 7:30 p.m., right after an executive session of the board (you can see the information packet and agenda posted online here):

Superintendent’s on the Agenda

Here’s what the new superintendent of schools, Dr. Alan Addley, said in his memo about the upcoming meeting:

This memorandum provides information pertaining to some agenda items on the Special Board of Education Meeting Agenda and the executive session.

Executive Session: The Superintendent will provide a status update on some personnel matters.

First Reading on Proposed 2019-20 Goals and Objectives: The Central Office administration collectively reviewed the proposed goals and objectives. Given the arrival of a new superintendent of schools and my short time in district, the structure, format and nature of the goals/objectives are similar to previous years. You will note for discussion there is a goal around strategic planning for the district. The administrative staff will speak to the details of the goals from their respective departments.

Enrollment: Dr. DaSilva will provide an update on the district enrollment and class sections. As of July 26, the district does not anticipate the need to add additional elementary class sections.

Schedule of 2019-20 Regular Board Meetings: The Board is being requested to approve the schedule of the Regular Board of Education Meetings for the 2019-2020 school year.

Personnel Appointments: Currently, the district has hired 24 certified staff. We are interviewing to fill 10 additional positions, including the assistant principal position at Darien High School. The district is in the process of filling four instructional aide positions at the elementary school and staffing assignments for special education paraprofessionals are being finalized.

Table of Summer Facilities Projects

Table of Summer Facilities Projects part 2 BoE 7-29-19


Summer Facilities Projects 7-29-19 BoE mtg

Enrollment Projections

In a memo to the superintendent, dated July 12, Assistant Superintendent Susie DaSilva wrote: “Below you will find the projected enrollment figures for grades K-12 by school. I look forward to answering any questions at the Board of Education meeting […]”

Projected enrollment chart pt 1 7-29-19 Boe mtgProjected enrollment pt 2 7-29-19 boe mtgprojected enrollment kindergarten 7-29-19 boe

Staffing Changes

This table detailing the latest staffing changes shows which certified staff vacancies have already resulted in hires. A column on the far right (about seniority levels and certifications) has been left out to make the rest easier to read.


Proposed Board Meeting Schedule

Draft BoE meeting schedule for 2019-2020

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