19 Georgian Lane Home Sells for $1.9 Million and Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

19 Georgian Lane — Thomas Waniewski and Amy Cohen to Francis Tigani and Elizabeth Tigani, sold Sept. 14, filed Sept. 15, $1,900,000

1 Siwanoy Dr. — Theodore Seelye and Sarah Seelye to William Lenich and Jacqueline Angelilli, sold Sept. 14, filed Sept. 16, $2,950,000

19 Oakshade Ave. — Estate of Nancy G. Kapise to Ricardo Munoz, sold and filed Sept. 16, $925,000

15 Walmsley — No. 15 Walmsley LLC of 7 Pasture Lane, Darien to Dominic DeMattia, sold Sept. 13, filed Sept. 16, $1,749,000

28 Cherry St. — Ronald Passaro Sr. and Ralph Passaro Jr. to Tony Zhang and Xianna He, sold Sept. 14, filed Sept. 16, $590,000

176 Tokeneke Road — Richard Dudley and Bonnie Dudley to William Eckhoff and Emily Eckhoff, sold Sept. 15, filed Sept. 20, $1,280,000

49 Goodwives River Road — Jeffrey Marston and Maureen Marston to Philip J. Toohey Trust, et al., sold Sept. 15, filed Sept. 20, $1,320,000


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