Memorandums Given to RTM on 2017-2020 Contracts for Teachers & Administrators Unions

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Below are the full texts of two memorandums sent to Representative Town Meeting members on the 2017-2020 proposed teachers union (Darien Education Association, or DEA) and administrators union (Darien Administrators Association or DAA) contract settlements.

Title page teachers contract 02-26-17

Title page of the proposed teachers contract is republishing both memos here because we think they’re easier to read that way, but you can find the memo on the teachers union contract in the same PDF form given to the RTM here (the 48-page contract itself is here) and the administrators union memo here (the 22-page contract is here).

The RTM Finance & Budget Committee and Education Committee each voted Tuesday to recommend the contracts be approved. The RTM meets at 8 p.m. Monday, Feb. 27 and has the contracts on its agenda.

Here’s the full text of the teachers union contract memorandum, followed by the administrators union memorandum (neither of the documents say exactly who the memorandums are from, presumably they’re both from the school district administration):


Re: Summary of the 2017 – 2020 DEA Contract Settlement

I. Duration

The new contract is for three years, July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2020.

II. Salary

As set forth in the attached spreadsheets, the salary schedule will be restructured, effective July 1, so that the increase between steps in each column remains relatively constant. In addition, the top step will be eliminated so as to decrease the growing gap between the penultimate and ultimate steps in each column. The total projected cost of the restructuring in Year 1 of the contract is 3.4%.

In the second year of the contract teachers not yet at the maximum shall receive step movement with a GWI of .18%. There will be no GWI at Steps 15 – 19, Step 3 will increase by 1% and those at the maximum step will receive a 1.27% GWI. The total projected cost in Year 2 of the contract is 3.4%.

In the third year of the contract teachers not yet at the maximum shall receive step movement with a GWI of .18%. Steps 18 and 19 will receive a .60% GWI, Steps 3 and 4 will receive a 1% GWI and Step 5 will receive a .30% GWI. Those at the maximum step will receive a 1.38% GWI. No other steps will receive a GWI in this year. The total projected cost in Year 3 of the contract is 3.4%.

The new contract will contain a Memorandum of Understanding that changes the course load for any teacher who currently teaches four classes at the middle and high schools (other than science teachers who teach lab courses) so that they may be assigned to an average of 4.5 classes each year. This provision will be implemented by attrition, not position elimination.

III. Extracurricular Stipends

The extracurricular stipends will also be restructured to ensure that the people performing in certain stipended areas are compensated adequately for the work performed.

The cost of this restructuring in Year 1 of the contract produces a net increase of $9,000. This will constitute the new base for extracurricular stipends. These new stipends shall be increased as follows: 2017 – 2018 2% 2018 – 2019 2% 2019 – 2020 2%

IV. Insurance

2017 – 2018 Increase deductible to $2250/$4500

2018 – 2019 Increase deductible to $2500/$5000

2019 – 2020 Increase premium cost sharing to 21%

V. Contract Hourly Rates
  • Homebound Tutoring $55.00/hour
  • Extended School Year Teaching $65.00/hour
  • Speech and Language Pathologists/Psychologists $75.00/hour
  • Other Professional Projects $45.00/hour (e.g., writing and revision of curriculum, Units of study, assessment, district-required Professional development outside the work year)
VI. Language Issues:

 Codification of the preparation time currently offered to teachers.

 The Board will schedule 0.2 release time for any DEA president who is not an elementary classroom teacher.

 Teachers will be reimbursed for travel expenses related to out-of-district professional development and conferences sponsored by the Board of Education

 Should a teacher exhaust sick leave after suffering a catastrophic illness (as determined by the Superintendent in consultation with the DEA president), such teacher may receive up to an additional 30 days of sick leave as donated by other teachers, who may each donate 2 sick days

 Bereavement days will be granted separately from personal leaves; teachers will be granted 5 days for a death in the immediate family.

 Personal days are reduced from 5 to 3 days per year

 The Sabbatical Award Program is eliminated

 Teachers who are assigned to cover a class during their scheduled preparation time will receive a stipend of $30 a class

 The tuition reimbursement provision is modified as follows:

o A fund of $50,000 is established for this purpose (increased from $30,000)

o Teachers will be reimbursed $300 per credit hour (increased from $150)

o Teachers may be reimbursed for a maximum of 6 credits each year.

VII. Reopener

Either party may reopen negotiations if the cost of the plan is expected to result in the triggering of an excise tax under the Affordable Care Act or if there is any substantial or material increase of the cost of the insurance.



Re: Summary of the 2017 – 2021 DAA Contract Settlement

I. Duration

The new contract is for four years, July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2021.

II. Salary

The salary schedule will be increased as follows (There are no steps in this contract.):

2017 – 2018 2.25% GWI

2018 – 2019 2.25% GWI

2019 – 2020 2.25% GWI

2020 – 2021 2.50% GWI

The salary for the Program Directors will be benchmarked at the level of Assistant Director of Special Education (12 months) in accordance with the current contract.

The work year for the Elementary Assistant Principals will be increased from 190 to 197 days, with payment for the additional days calculated using the administrator’s per diem rate.

III. Insurance

There will be a reopener on insurance issues if there is a change in the DEA insurance benefits either through negotiations or arbitration, and if there is a reopener with the DEA during their successor agreement upon request of the Board.

A pro rata portion of an administrator’s accrued sick days will be used to supplement amounts paid under the administrator’s long term disability policy so that the administrator will collect his/her entire salary. This provision is subject to confirmation with the insurance carrier that such payments are allowable under the terms of the district’s long term disability policy.

IV. Stipend

An administrator who accompanies students on an overnight field trip will be paid a stipend of $100 per night.

An administrator who has earned a Doctoral degree will receive an annual stipend of $1,000.

V. Language Issues

Only administrators employed prior to July 1, 2017 will receive additional vacation days upon completion of three years of service as an administrator in the district.

The number of vacation days that an administrator may carry over from year to year is reduced from 15 to 10. If an administrator is unable to use any vacation days that are carried over to the next year, the administrator will be compensated at the administrator’s per diem rate. The Superintendent must direct the administrator to work rather than use the vacation days.

Administrators will accrue 18 sick days each year. This is an increase from 15 days.

The contract will be revised to add Reduction in Force provisions within the following four groups:

 Elementary Principals

 Elementary Assistant Principals

 Secondary Assistant Principals

 Special Education Program Directors