May Art Exhibit Features Paintings by Nobu Miki and Her Art Students; Reception Thursday


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Darien artist Nobu Miki will have an art show with her Darien Senior Center students at Gratia Gillespie Art Gallery at Atria Darien throughout May.

Atria will host an artists’ reception from 5 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 2.

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— an announcement from Atria Darien

Nobu has been teaching an acrylic painting class every Monday at the Darien Senior Center, and her students have created many artworks.

They will display some of their favorite artworks alongside Nobu’s works, which will include Nobu’s new paintings and glassworks.

“I have very creative senior artists in my class, and I’m always amazed with their creativity and passion,” Nobu said. “I hope people will come see Darien’s Grandma and Grandpa Moses’ works. You can see how much they enjoy painting.”

Atria Darien is located at 50 Ledge Road, Darien.

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